We were very excited to be invited by the Urban Planning Department of the City of Stockholm to lead an extended version of our Plinth Game in the city.



Stockholm City are looking for guidelines for the plinths in the whole city. Coupled with a massive city-wide policy demanding 140,000 new dwellings in 20 years, they were looking for answers. A year ago the urban planning department started to formalize guidelines, but they are now looking for harder, clearer cut guidelines. “We work with masterplans and detail plans. We question: What is it we’re building in terms of plinths? Not only in the inner city but also the suburban post-war and newer areas.”

Interns conducted an in-depth physical analysis of 12 streets, and these were the sites where we would conduct the game. Plus, our lead contacts supplied us with 10 professionals in a variety of fields to interview about Stockholm, and to gain vital information about planning processes, history, rules and regulations, and to get a good feeling about the way the city works.

More to come, these next 4 days will be packed full!


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