In the second article of the book, Fred Kent, founder and president of Project for Public Spaces, and Kathy Madden, co-founder of PPS, have a conversation about placemaking with The City at Eye Level. Project for Public Spaces, also know als PPS, a backbone organization in the United States, acts from the ideology that placemaking belongs to everyone.

Practically speaking, placemaking is turning physical public spaces into places that support human interaction, economic exchange and well-being. Placemaking aimes to transition the street back to a series of places, a series of activities. We call it the art of the path. These are all places that attract people in different ways.

“In Italy everyone knows what a piazza is. It’s the gathering place where people come together. It’s a way of life. People are deeply attached to their local piazza. That’s the feeling we’re trying to create.”

Click here to read and download the article


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