An article in our book written by Meredith Glaser and Mattijs van ‘t Hoff, both urbanist.

The idea of “The City at Eye Level” is not new: many iconic urban planning thinkers have been instrumental in influencing the development of a humanscale urban planning and design in our (inner) cities. In this article you can read more about the great iconic thinkers who are relevant to today’s planning.

“Another key feature of the street is retailing – stores, windows with displays, signs to attract your attention, doorways, people going in and out of them. Big new office buildings have been eliminating stores. What they have been replacing them with is a frontage of plate glass through which you can behold bank officers sitting at desks. One of these stretches is dull enough. Block after block of them creates overpowering dullness.” – William H. Whyte (1980)

Click here to read and download this article


William H. Whyte, The Social Life of Small Urban Space


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