Marlies Rohmer, studentenhuisvesting Smarties, de Uithof, Utrecht

Marlies Rohmer is a urbanist, architect and founder of Architectenbureau Marlies Rohmer (AMR). Rohmer explains in this article how they embed social plinths in their designs. The plinth is one way to embed a building in the city, to ensure that it is part of the street. It’s the point of exchange between architecture and city, between private and public. In our architecture we emphasize this and encourage this interaction and flow between the inside and outside and the connection between city and building. However, there are other ways to embed buildings in the city- the plinth is only one.

“It’s not only these larger spaces that are important to embed a building in the city; it is also about smaller places that form the layers between city and building. This layering creates a passage between public and private.”

Click here to read and download this article

p106 33-3 Borneo Island Amsterdam hybrid zone  - CREDITS Bert Nienhuis via Marlies Rohmer Architecten©Bert Nienhuis via Marlies Rohmer Architecten
Cover picture: ©Scagliala and Brakkee via Marlies Rohmer Architecten

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