The Power of 10 is a simple idea. The foundation of the concept is that a good place has many activities and good reasons to be there, maybe 10 or more. Norman Mintz, a pioneer of the ‘Main Street’ movement, explains the Power of 10 by using the Bryant Park in New York as a example. Mintz is also Senior Associate for Project for Public Spaces and has many experiences with using the Power of 10 for placemaking processes.


“To bring about change, implementation is where it starts. It’s one thing to look to the city or planning department for guidance and leadership. But the real and best test to any revitalisation project is community involvement. The merchants or the city do not own the downtown, the people own it.”

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p081 12_Carousel-Bryant Park New York USA

The carousel in Bryant Park: a good example of the Power of Ten. It also serves as an excellent example to illustrate the principle of ‘Triangulation’. Notice that the Carousel has other activities attached to it, such as a playful and engaging ticket booth and a ‘reading room’ in scale for children. Just beside it (out of the picture) is a ‘game area’ for children and a special area for children parties.

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  1. It is always one of the best thing to do ,to create beauty , peace and joie de vivre , in all the places of the town where you live ! Amicales pensées André Samarine

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