An article written by Vivian Doumpa, urban developer and geographer, and Nick Broad, advocate. Dumpa and Broad right about ‘buskers’ also known as “street performers”. Buskers  are a viable tool for rejuvenating public spaces. If done well, busking is a high-impact, low-cost option. No infrastructure is needed, no barriers, no ticket sales, no marketing, no strategy sessions; just an artist, who doesn’t need a salary, performing for tips. And they can start tomorrow. Buskers prompt social interaction on the street level, create intimacy and allow people feel comfortable and safe. They also provide one of the few forms of live entertainment that lowincome citizens can access and enjoy.

“In Singapore, because of the great amount of buskers wishing to perform, the City established an auditioning process, similar to a talent show. The National Arts Council and the local performers run the process together. In practice, though, many street performers do not bother with getting a license; as long as nobody complains, the police don’t bother them.”

Click here to read and download this article

p115 35-2_MarkRothman_London - CREDIT The Busking Project.jpeg

Mark Rothman, Covent Garden, London ©The Busking Project

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