A conversation with Frank van Beek, co-owner of Lingotto, about plinths. The vision of Lingotto is to realise good city districts. Van Beek explains that the company does not have a specific strategy to apply every time: each project is customized. Plinths can be an instrument to realise good and pleasant streets wherever necessary. Plinths are only possible at sites where they have potential and where it is appropriate: in city centres, along main routes or at street corners.ot on a back street as is sometimes required by municipal instructions.

“The important question in developing plinths is: which location has potential? There is not a way to calculate this; you need fingerspitzengefühl, or instinct. You have to look at walking routes, busy streets but not too busy; it must be a pleasant atmosphere to walk along.”

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p189b 41-4_CoffeeC1_HQ Amsterdam Frank van Beek

Coffee Company ( Meester Treublaan, Amsterdam) by Frank van Beek
Cover picture: Restaurant Dauphine (Prins Bernhard-plein, Amsterdam) by Frank Beek


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