An article written by Wies Sanders, urban planner at Urban Unlimited, about parking in Belgium. She explains that not all plinths are equipped with cosy storefronts and restaurant terraces. It would be irritating if every street, without end, enticed you to buy, drink  and eat, especially if you are penniless. A city needs some boring fa.ades, if only to be unseen in the midst of all these people. A city also needs garages, containers, service entrances, connections, and installation spaces and it is needed that they are not denied or hidden in a ludicrous way, but treated as equals in public space. Maybe it requires even more attention because the functioning of the city is increasingly dependent on installations and suppliers. Therefore, this is a pledge for more attention to the interaction between the plinth and the car and technical communication, with the Flemish parking as an example.

“Access to a parking lot does not need to exceed a 2.5 meters width to unlock a new world and a wide range of functions. No wonder it is immensely popular in Belgium! But like elsewhere in European cities the fun is over.”

Click here to read and download this article

p166a 24-2_ArtNouveauGarage Antwerp Belgium Wies Sanders.jpg

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