An article written by Petra Rutten, director of Community Development at Heijmans. She explains that inner-city re-development is a challenge. Urban areas are complex, and working with an existing urban context with many stakeholders and varied target groups is a difficult task. Plans (fortunately) are no longer rolled out as a blueprint, but grow more organically like a network, allowing innovations the opportunity to become part of the solution. This not only demands other forms of cooperation, but also a different attitude from all parties, both public and private. The initiator or the producer holds a powerful role: a long-term commitment to combining and retaining the concept and also keeping all stakeholders together, big and small, formal and informal.

“(…) Imagine the space and good value become an economy on its own. Rotterdam’s rather tough image actually give it an edge over its competitor cities.”

Click here to read and download this article

p207a 56-1_Fenix-circus copy Rotterdam NL - CREDIT Gergo Hevesi

Temporary use: Codarts bachelor’s programme of Circus Arts at Fenixloods, Katendrecht Rotterdam ©Gergo Hevesi
Cover picture: Fenix Food Factory, Katendrecht Rotterdam ©Gergo Hevesi


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