An interview with Tony Wijntuin, founder of WYNE Strategy and Innovation. Wijntuin worked at Schiphol in baggage, passenger services and in commercial before he founded his company. Schiphol, at that time, was losing track as one of the most innovative airports in the world and Wijntuin was brought on-board to increase revenues. He thought, if we solely focus on the money—the Euros—the best thing to do is to renegotiate contracts. But that’s a quick fix. It’s not sustainable in the long run. What about quality? I wanted to know how we performed on quality levels.

“The hard part was what came next: if the revenue is in place and the quality is in place, how do we still compare to other major airports? The answer to that was image. We needed image-builders. This approach makes sense.”

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p205a 51_Schiphol_01_HQ Photo Hans Karssenberg Stipo

Schiphol by Hans Karssenberg (STIPO)

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