Schuilenburg Noord, Amersfoort, van Schagen architecten

An article written by Arjan Gooijer, Gert Jan te Velde & Klaas Waarheid, all three architect at Van Schagen architecten. An important cause of poor housing and living quality in the post-war Dutch residential areas is the unattractive appearance and mis-use of the plinths of many residential buildings. The post-war areas have been developed from abstract urban conceptions at a district level with merely programmatic targets. The daily use of the dwelling, surroundings, and streets were regarded as less important. But precisely in the everyday use a good plinth is of crucial importance. Fortunately, we can still change things that are 50 years overdue.

“In order to include the high-rise in this urban set-up, a new programme and image has been developed for the plinth of the Florijn-building. By expanding the ground floor space has been created for a new programme of atelier dwellings, entrances, business space and patio dwelling in the ‘plinth of the building.”

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p225a 65-1a_Vissenkommen_old Rotterdam Pendrecht NL BEFORE - CREDIT Stijn Brakkee

BEFORE: Vissenkommen Pendrecht, Rotterdam ©Stijn Brakkee
p225b 65-1b_Vissenkommen Rotterdam Pendrecht AFTER - CREDIT Stijn Brakkee
AFTER: Vissenkommen Pendrecht, Rotterdam ©Stijn Brakkee
Cover image:  AFTER: Schuilenburg, Amersfoort ©Stijn Brakkee


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