An article written by Gerard Peet, Frank Belderbos & Joep Klabbers, lecturer, project manager and architect and all close connected with the Nieuwe Binnenweg. In this article they tell the reader about one of the most authentic shopping streets of Rotterdam West, the Nieuwe Binnenweg. The street is already a while under reconstruction. Over the last few decades the street suffered from economic decline and degradation. With a vacancy rate higher than other streets and a rather low variety in shops, the Nieuwe Binnenweg was in need for an upgrade.

“Although the situation was challenging, close observation of the storefronts demonstrated that not all had been lost; over the years, every new shop owner added a new layer to the storefront, avoiding the hassle of deconstructing the old one. (…) These hidden treasures only had to be unveiled to restore the facades to their original quality.”

Click here to read and download this article

p221b 61-2_Nieuwe_Binneweg_Mei2013_70 Rotterdam NL - CREDIT FFH Frank Hanswijk

Both images: Nieuwe Binnenweg, mei 2013 ©FFH Frank Hanswijk

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