An article from our book by Paulo Horn Regal, architect, urbanist and professor at the PUCRS in Porto Alegre, Brazil. He explains that Porto Alegre (4o Distrito, or the 4th District) is characterized by impressive art-deco architecture. The area was developed as one of the first industrial areas of the city, where living and working used to co-exist. Industrial uses peaked in the mid-1900s, however since then industries moved out to other areas, resulting in the vacancy of many buildings. After this period, residential use stagnated and the area lost much of its original character.

“Entrepreneurs and engaged residents in one neighbourhood of 4o Distrito, Floresta, have started something new. Emanating from sheer will and the vision to promote high-quality urban life, Vila Flores, Urbsnova, and other initiatives began.”

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p265b 72-5_Villa Flores15 Porto Alegre Brazil photo Paulo Horn Regal

Villa Flores15, Porto Alegre Brazil by Paulo Horn Regal
Cover image: Villa Flores12, Porto Alegre Brazil by Paulo Horn Regal


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