An article written by Lai Shouhua, chief planner at GZPI, and Jose Chong, architect and urban planner at UN-Habitat. Shouhua and Chong tell the reader about Litchi Bay, located in the watery suburbs of the traditional Guangzhou city in China. It is an example of a successful urban renewal intervention, connecting existing public spaces and historical buildings along the river and emphasizing design at eye level. By activating surrounding economic development, Litchi Bay became a vibrant public space for leisure and a primary tourist attraction.

“Both native residents who lived in Litchi Bay since a long time, as well as tourists and merchants are allured by the impact and potential of this program. Litchi Bay attracts millions of tourists, showing the achievement of the urban renewal program and preservation, water environment management and improvement of public space in Guangzhou city.”

Click here to read and download this article

p242c 81-5 South Gate Litchi Bay, Guangzou, China, Lai Shouhua and Jose Chong

South gate of Litchi Park after reconstruction

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