CASE STUDY: Klarendal, Arnhem, the Netherlands

An interview with Berry Kessels, district developer Klarendal of housing corporation Volkshuisvesting Arnhem. In this case study Kessels will tell something about the Klarendal neighbourhood, it’s course of time and how they struggled with the setbacks in the neighbourhood. Nearly every shop on the main street was closed, the earea had a high-unemployment rate, there was criminal behaviour and people had low incomes. By explaining it’s solution and lessons te reader gets great insight in the improvement in the course of time in Klarendal.

“Residents contributed to the regeneration of the neighbourhood, the developing of plans and by beautifying other parts of the district.”

Click here to read and download this article

p179b 86_CafeRestaurantGOED_HQ Klarendal Arnhem NL Berry Kessels.jpg

Café Restaurant GOED, Klarendal Arnhem by Berry Kessels


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