CASE STUDY: Schouwburgplein, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

An interview with René Dutrieux, project manager at the planning department of the Municipality of Rotterdam. In this case study Dutrieux will tell you something about Schouwburgplein, the theatre square in the centre of Rotterdam. He will explain it’s course of time and their challenges, like the low amount of activity on the square. People tend to pass the square or enter the buildings without staying on the square before the beginning of a show. By explaining it’s solution and secrets the reader gets great insight about the improvementof Schouwburgplein through a course of time.

“It’s important to show the cultural richness and modern heritage to the citizens”

Click here to read and download this articlep181 49-2 Schouwburgplein Rotterdam- CREDIT Vereniging Verenigd Schouwburgplein

Both images: Schouwburgplein Rotterdam  © Vereniging Verenigd Schouwburgplein

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