Hans Karssenberg, public developer and partner of STIPO, writes in Take Action #1 about several actions people could take for improving the street. He explains the concept of a place- and plinth game. Transforming a street, a district, an inner city, or creating a new district with a great city at eye level takes years and usually involves incremental steps forward. Nevertheless, it’s easy to make a quick start and create the first quick-wins soon. One of the first steps is to involve the community from the beginning: developers, owners, entrepreneurs, citizens, local government experts, new initiators and zealous nuts.

“Understanding the city at eye level starts with what we see and feel. It is, first of all, intuitive. It is also something that must be actively worked on. Plinth strategy is much more than just filling an empty space. It’s about developing a strategy that is based on co-creation, flexibility, creativity, placemaking, and basic urban design principles.”

Click here to read and download this article

p297b 93-6_Stockhol-Center_Dalagatan Stockholm Sweden Stipo The City at Eye Level

Stockholm at Eye Level: Dalagatan in Stockholm Center, Sweden by The City at Eye Level (STIPO)

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