An article written by Francisco Pailliè Pérez, Social and Cultural Psychologist in Mexico City. Together with his wife he founded dérive LAB, an organisation whose purpose is to explore, comprehend and inspire other (new) ways of living and thinking of life. Pailliè Pérez defines Placemaking as  a process through which a place is conceived and generated. From a particular space—a street, a parking lot, and old park, a forgotten alley, a vacant lot—and into a place where people want to gather together and encounter others. Placemaking is to make places where people want to be, and share life together.

“The proposal (of the The #GaleríaBallindamm project) is to intervene artistically and culturally, through specific actions and periodic in time. Derive Lab created an open-air gallery, with free access to everyone. The goal of #GaleríaBallindamm is to give vibrancy to the alley; to give it life and “something” to offer to neighbours and other residents of the city. We want to transform the alley into a safe and friendly corridor, with a reason to spend time here.”

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p283b 76-3_After2 Galeria Ballindamm Mexico City Francisco Paillie Perez

AFTER: Galeria Ballindamm in Mexico City Francisco Pailliè Pérez

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