CASE STUDY: St. Pancras Station, London, United Kingdom

An interview with Ben Ruse, director of HS1 (High Speed 1: high speed railway). In this case study Ruse will tell you something about St. Pancras International Station, the biggest train terminus in London. He will explain it’s course of time and their challenges, like the maintenance of the large railway station. Creating a commercial district within the building was nearly impossible but they managed to turn St. Pancras is a place for lingering, relaxing, and people watching. By explaining it’s solutions and secrets the reader gets insight in the improvement of the station through a course of time.

“We wanted people to fall back in love with this station. So we asked ourselves: If we make this station attractive enough, can we make it a destination in its own right? And the answer was: Yes.”

Click here to read and download this article

p210a 87_IMG_5893_HQ St Pancras Station London UK Ben Ruse

Both images: St Pancras Station, London by Ben Ruse

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