CASE STUDY: Hafencity, Hamburg, Germany

An interview with Tanja Nagelsmeier, commercial utilization development and coordination of HafenCity Hamburg GmbH. In this case study Nagelsmeier will tell you something about the HafenCity Hamburg GmbH, a new neighbourhood in the centre of Hamburg. They had to concure selveral challenges because the city should be sustainable, designed well, and most importantly, fine-grained and alive on the ground level beyond regular business hours and the whole year long. By explaining it’s solutions and secrets the reader gets insight in the improvement of the harbor area through a course of time.

“We pay a lot of attention to our plinths in HafenCity. Soft strategies are the key to success, such as networking, information and communication with and between all parties involved. Fixed property regulations also play a major role for the whole development.”

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Hamburg: HafenCity, Dalmannkai

Both images: HafenCity, Hamburg by Tanja Nagelsmeier

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