CASE STUDY: Distillery District, Toronto, Canada

An interview with Willie Macrae urban planner in the Community Planning Division at the City of Toronto Downtown Section. In this case study Macrae will tell you something about the Distillery District, a former Gooderham & Worths distillery near the Lake Ontario waterfrond in Toronto. He will explain it’s course of time and their challenges, like property preserving the ground floor of the historic buildings with monumental status. If they wanted a successful ground floor it meant they had to keep it active, safe, and pleasant all day and into the evening. By placing a mix of uses centred around arts and entertainment venues (theatres, restaurants, cafes, and bars) ensured day-long, night-long, and year-round use in the district. By explaining it’s solutions and secrets the reader gets insight in the improvement of the Distillery District through a course of time.

“We showed developers that you can preserve heritage buildings—and do it well!”

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p251c 81_TorontoExtra_pic Distillery District Toronto Canada - COPYRIGHT Mark Watmough via

Distillery District, Toronto, Canada ©Mark Watmough via
p251b 81_DHD_TCM2_HQ Distillery District Toronto Canada
Distillery District, Toronto, Canada during a Christmas event

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