April 3rd – 5th, 2017

Join us this spring and learn about improving cities and creating great streets and places for people. Discover placemaking and placemanagement, bike-friendly cities, tactical urbanism and how to implement a long term strategy. Become a member of The City at Eye Level community and expand your network with an international and interdisciplinary group of professionals.

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How do we create great streets and places where people want to be? Join our City at Eye Level Masterclass and learn how to improve cities, streets and places by developing a people-centered approach to placemaking. Learn about analyzing places with eye level and place games, develop a specific strategy by using the City at Eye Level toolbox.

Learn about:

  • The City at Eye Level: creating streets and places for people2016-08-22-16-08-11
  • Placemaking: turn public spaces into great places where people want to be
  • Adopting a community-based approach: involve and activate ownership
  • Tactical Urbanism: lighter-quicker-cheaper actions to start change now
  • Develop visions and criteria for newly built areas or for transforming existing areas
  • Mobility and movement: bicycle-friendly cities, infrastructure, culture, and design.
  • Place and street management: building coalitions as a long-term sustainable strategy

Get inspired by examples from international practices and exchange ideas with participants from other disciplines and organizations.


Rotterdam – Where The City at Eye Level started. Rotterdam is a modernist city that has been working on inner city improvement extensively and has lots of inspiring cases for street improvement and placemanagement.

In Rotterdam, we are based in ZOHO, an area that we brought back to life in the past years, using the tools of The City at Eye Level and Placemaking. Working with the community, STIPO redeveloped this dead area into an innovation district. It is a “Living Lab” for tactical urbanism, reactivating ground floors and vacant buildings, makers and social enterprises, and placemaking and placemanagement.



Day 1: Great Places. Explore the city. Learn about the theory behind turning anonymous spaces into exciting, lively places where people feel at home — and put your knowledge into practice. We’ll walk and learn about ZOHO. After an deeper introduction on placemaking we’ll be learning by doing by implementing the Place Game tool in a concrete place. We’ll reflect on the method for your own practice afterwards.

Day 2: Great Streets. Exploring streets. We will experience high quality people-centred public spaces in the city that is continually transforming itself. We’ll visit streets in higher and lower income areas, in existing and newly built situations. We will learn about how to get great ‘plinths’ — active ground floors — and streets We will walk and talk with the people behind the transformations. We’ll implement the Eye Level game tool for analysing and improving streets in Rotterdam.

Day 3: Street and Place Management. A day of reflection, developing process strategies and putting ideas into action. We will learn about how to set up processes of change by a range of sessions developing organisation models, processes and business cases for concrete streets and places — inspired by a range of examples from practice. A great chance to share your own practice with the international group.

Guest lectures from various field experts, among others Meredith Glaser of the University of Amsterdam on Bike and People-friendly Cities.

Learn from:

The City at Eye Level initiating partners at Stipo and a network of City at Eye Level contributors, including international leaders in placemaking, urban designers and planners. Guest lecturers from various field experts, among others Meredith Glaser of the University of Amsterdam on Bike and People-friendly Cities.

Through our worldwide network of contributing partners we can help cities and people anywhere to develop strategies to create and improve their own great City at Eye Level.

p082b 12_Reading room BP New York USA


Our core partners include Project for Public SpacesGehl ArchitectsFuture of PlacesUN HabitatCopenhagenize and the FAU PUCRS University in Porto Alegre. Next to that, we have a worldwide network of many local partners and contributors with whom we work together to utilize locally rooted knowledge and networks.

For who:

  • experts working on improving streets, plazas and parks in cities
  • professionals in public space and urban planning
  • traffic engineers and bicycle advocates
  • civic leaders active in placemaking and community-driven approaches
  • politicians looking to improve public space
  • entrepreneurs, real estate owners and developers who want to learn about the city at eye level
  • students and young professionals who want to develop their skills


We offer:

  • A three-day course at our headquarters in the centre of Rotterdam
  • Learning by doing at inspiring locations
  • Background material for theory and practice and a pragmatic action toolbox from The City at Eye Level, Project for Public Spaces and Stipo
  • International experience and examples and membership to the international City at Eye Level community 
  • Access to all our open source resources and a copy of The City at Eye Level book
  • An interdisciplinary group at the masterclass and a lasting membership of the global City at Eye Level community


Fees including lectures, book, materials, local travel costs, lunches and dinner: € 750 (ex. VAT & registration fee)

Or apply for one of three available scholarship for students: fee €150 (ex. VAT & registration fee). For more info and conditions on the submission, click here.

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If  you’re interested to join us in the spring 2017, please buy a ticket on out Eventbrite page. Or if you are working for an organisation (like a municipality) and you are not able to buy a ticket right away, then send us a mail to and we will send you a invoice.

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