Jeroen Laven (STIPO), Gert Jan te Velde (Vanschagen architekten) and Paul Elleswijk (Havensteder), write in Take Action #2 about the transformation of ZOHO, the Zomerhofkwartier in Rotterdam. They explain how they’ve used slow urbanism in this former industrial/business area and the use of local key-players like Roodkapje, Hostel de Mafkees and Restaurant Gare du Nord. Since this is a continuance development, follow their Facebook page for more news and recent developments!

“In 2013, Havensteder decided to take a risk with ZOHO and give ‘slow urbanism’ a change. For a period of 10 years, the area has the opportunity to redevelop itself. Unless a party would come with a financial offer we can’t refuse, ZOHO could give itself new meaning for the city. The area could rediscover its own future.”

Click here to read and download this article


Both pictures: ©Gergo Hevesi

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  1. Hello…i really like your activities and wonder if any video is available for my research? And wil u ever have a workshop in the USA? I live in colorado where we want to do something in old town lafayette…and we are struggling. Do you have any advice please? I am a semi retired architect property owner who wants to improve our property in the spirit of your exciting subject the city at eye level. If u dont know any feedback…can you please refer me to someone? Thx…tom r .

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