This Spring we will host our second City at Eye Level Masterclass! Are you a student or alumni and would you like to join, but is the ticket almost all you earn in a month? We have three scholarships available for the masterclass: €150 (ex. BTW and registration fee). Quick check our conditions and apply!


We experience a gap between insights from scientific studies on improving the city at eye level and the quality of public space; and how these insights are being used in practice. The City at Eye Level wants to bridge that gap by translating theoretical insights into methods for practice.


Write an article on how you would translate a (theoretical) research into practice (in relation to The City at Eye Level concept, public space, human behaviour, placemaking, place management, long term strategies, etc). It can be either a research you conducted yourself, or someone else’s research that was published and you found inspiring.


  • Status: Student (bachelor (year: 2+) or master) or alumnus (max. since 2 years)
  • Article should be around 800 words.
  • Language: English
  • At least two high resolution pictures, free of rights.
  • Add a short bio of yourself consisting of three lines; when accepted your name will be added to the list of contributors on the website
  • The content should add a new angle or topic not mentioned in the book yet, or deepen an existing topic
  • All contributions are subject to editing
  • Please see an example PDF of a chapter from the current book
  • All good articles will be published on and on our City at Eye Level Facebook page. By submitting you agree with publishing.
  • The writers of the best articles will be selected for the three available spots during the masterclass

Please help promote this call for chapters and the Spring Masterclass through your own channels and networks!

Apply for a scholarship by sending in your submission to us. Deadline for submission: 6 March 2017. 

Winners will be announced on the 8th of March!



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