An interview with Rony Al Jalkh, a placemaking activist and practitioner in Beirut. In the diverse Lebanon capital, Beirut, he is joining efforts to promote and establish peacemaking through bringing people together for placemaking. In cooperation with the American University of Beirut, a project within the student’s course,  brought together students, instructors, municipality leaders, civil society organizations and members from the private sector in order to raise awareness, mobilize community, and increase public space provision for peacemaking.  

“The difference between placemaking and peacemaking is only one letter. If we replace the “e” with an “l” in peacemaking, we can begin to work towards ensuring a sustainable peace among the different groups within a community.”

Rony Al Jalkh, in collaboration with STIPO and Notre Dame University, will host the Metropolitan Field Trip in Beirut on the 13th till the 16th of September. For more information about the Field Trip visit our Facebook event. And for more information about Rony Al Jalkh, check out this link on the webpage of PPS.

Click here to read and download this article


Student survey in the streets of Beirut

Neighbourhood intervention site ©Rania Lteif, Mariam Yehya & Jawad Souhaid



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