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The future of #placemaking in Bulgaria, Sofia, Bulgaria – November 28, 2017. The major focus of the conference is ‘Placemaking’ and more precisely sharing our recent experiences with the first large scale placemaking project in Bulgaria. Hosted by BG Be Active and |In|Formal. More info: _TheSpot

Smart and Social Budapest, Budapest, Hungary – November 4, 5, 6, 2017. We will host a one day workshop: place game, during the Smart & Social event at Impact Hub Budapest. Organised by Budapest Activated. Note: attendance on invite.

Kick off Dutch Placemaking Network diner, November 7, 2017: 18:00 – 21:30. During the first Dutch Placemaking Network evening we will celebratie our new book, together will all contributors and partners. After launching “The City at Eye Level in the Netherlands” and the Placemaking Week in Amsterdam we will bring great Dutch placemakers together to work on better places and cities in the Netherlands, exchange experiences and knowledge. The network will come together in the Merwedekanaal zone in Utrecht. Guest speakers: Stad2 and the City of Utrecht, involved in the transformation of the Beurs-quarter. Note: attendance on invite. Interest in joining the Dutch placemaking network, send an email to Minouche Besters.

WUF9, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – February 7 – 13, 2018. Cities 2030, Cities for all: Implementing the New Urban Agenda. This year the World Urban Form will take place in Kuala Lumpur, where we will host a training, together with ThinkCity & Urban Discovery. Free registration.

The City at Eye Level Spring Training: April 16, 17 & 18, 2018. The third edition of our City at Eye Level Training series. Topic included The City at Eye Level, Placemaking, Tactical Urbanism / Quicker Lighter Cheaper approach, Building Great Street and Shared Space, Street- and Place Management & City Wide Strategies. Download the 2018 Spring Training Brochure (PDF).


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We gladly help organize masterclasses, Eye Level Games and Place Games, lectures, and set up area strategies with you and with communities locally.
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Previous Highlights of Masterclasses, Lectures, Workshops and Events


  • Amsterdam – Placemaking Week Amsterdam 2017. A 5 day conference in collaboration with Project for Public Spaces, Pakhuis de Zwijger & Placemaking Plus. For more information see the website.
  • Beirut – Peacemaking for Peacemaking Beirut. Metropolitan Field Trip to Lebanon’s capital in September 2017! In collaboration with the local Notre Dame University and Project for Public Spaces associate Rony El Jalkh we organise a three day workshop on creating great places for encounters and community, embracing diversity and bridging conflicts.
  • Rome – Two day Masterclass City at Eye Level and Placemaking in Ostiense and Laurentino 38, Rome, Italy.  With partners Vanschagen Architecten in collaboration with ATER, Roma Tre University, Comune di Roma and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
  • Rotterdam – The City at Eye Level Spring Masterclass – Rotterdam
    The second edition of our City at Eye Level Masterclass series. Topic included The City at Eye Level, Placemaking, Tactical Urbanism / Quicker Lighter Cheaper approach, Building Great Street and Shared Space, Street- and Place Management & City Wide Strategies. Download the 2017 Spring Masterclass Brochure (PDF).


  • Vancouver – book launch, speeches and workshops on The City at Eye Level during the Placemaking Week of PPS.org and Future of Places; leading towards the world Urban Agenda in Quito
  • Rotterdam and Amsterdam – Three Day International Summer Masterclass. Topics included The City at Eye Level, Placemaking, Street- and Place Management, Tactical Urbanism / Quicker Lighter Cheaper approach, Building Bicycle Friendly Cities.Download the 2016 Summer Masterclass Brochure (PDF).
  • Thessaloniki – Two day Masterclass City at Eye Level and Placemaking // and Book Launch; With partners Stipo Thessaloniki, Topio, City of Thessaloniki, Aristotle University, Creativity Platform; Programme Masterclass Thessaloniki // 2016-04 Two day masterclass Thessaloniki_GR
  • Stockholm – Two day Masterclass City at Eye Level and Placemaking with partners Stipo Stockholm, Färgfabriken, Future of Places, KTH University, Vasakronan and Dutch Embassy; open registration, Programme Masterclass Stockholm; Book Launch @ Färgfabriken, with Jan Ryden – Fargfabriken, Alexander Stahle – Spacescape, Tigran Haas – KTH University Stockholm, Anna Nyberg – Vasakronan, Hans Karssenberg – The City at Eye Level / Stipo; chair Rosa Danenberg – Stipo Stockholm.
  • Darmstadt – Book launch City at Eye Level and Placegame at the Campus in Darmstadt; University of Darmstadt, Germany
  • Barcelona – Habitat III, Barcelona. Launch of the new edition with Oscar Martin, Barcelona Market Institute, Vivian Doumpa and Ioanna Papachristou. Invitation; Future of Places Panel with Vikas Mehta, Laura Petrella, Michael Mehaffy, Setha Low, Peter Elmlund and Hans Karssenberg, discussing the 7 key messages for the Urban Agenda of the UN / Quito. Flyer Barcelona
  • Bratislava – City at Eye Level lecture at the What!City conference in Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Rome – City at Eye Level workshop, preparation for the master class and book launch in the second half of 2016.
  • Groningen – master class and Eye Level workshops, Setting up the inner city public space strategy and placemaking strategy – In company and with the local network
  • Rotterdam – Book launch City at Eye Level during Rotterdam Architecture Month; more information here. Workshop High Street Revisited; IABR 2016, International Architectuur Biennale Rotterdam; In Collaboration with Stadsontwikkeling.
  • Amsterdam – Workshops Placemaking: Europe City Makers Summit, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam; 100 Years Jane Jacobs, Delft Technical University.
  • Almere – New Town Inner City Eye Level and Placemaking Strategy workshop in 1 day, in company
  • Dordrecht – Workshop City at Eye Level @Maasterras Dordrecht during the Atelier Drechtsteden Maritieme Topregio
  • Delft – Book launch and place game at the campus of the Technical University Delft at the occasion of 100 years Jane Jacobs conference
  • Den Haag – Book launch during the Debat STAD op ooghoogte – aankondiging
  • Utrecht – Book launch during the CU2030 conference on the new City Center development, see website City of Utrecht.


  • Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre – Launch A Cidade ao Nivel dos Olhos at 1o Congresso Espacos Publicos with 700 participants from all cities of Brazil; in close collaboration with Paulo Horn Regal and Renee Nycolaas of the University of Porto Algere FAU PUCRS; Placegame @ Praca de Francisco Alves Porto Alegre Brazil
  • Stockholm – Three day Masterclass for students with KTH Stockholm University; Lecture Brunnberg Forshed office Stockholm, Sweden

  • Barcelona – International Market Cities Conference of Project for Public Spaces

  • Rotterdam – Placegames @ Oostplein and ZOHO Rotterdam as part of the creation of the innovation district and slow urbanism in ZOHO

  • Amsterdam – De Stoep book launch at the Pakhuis de Zwijger, book about the social function of sidewalks and stoops

  • Budapest – Placemaking Workshop Kolumbusz utca, Budapest Design Week, in partnership with the Dutch Embassy and Pakhuis de Zwijger

  • Prague – Workshop The City at Eye Level for the Public Space Department of The City of Prague, Czech Republic

  • Stockholm – Key note: Future of Places III conference

  • Copenhagen – Lecture Gehl Architects office

  • Zaandam and Rotterdam –  Jane’s Walks in The Hague, Rotterdam (with Fred Kent and Kathy Madden) and Zaandam (Russische Buurt), The Netherlands

  • Utrecht – Lecture City Council / political board of Utrecht on the Central Station Area, with Aorta and City of Utrecht

  • Antwerp – 2015 Lecture City at Eye Level as a contribution to the new urban strategy.

2014 & Before

  • Buenos Aires – Future of Places II / UN Habitat; speech at the Argentina conference

  • The Hague – Child-Friendly  workshops in co-creation with city experts

  • Amsterdam – Museumplein: Placegame with Project for Public Spaces (Fred Kent and Kathy Madden), Stipo and Urban Space Agency; Plinthgames: De Pijp and Zuidas; Placegame with PPS.org on Plein 40/45 in Amsterdam Nieuw West

  • Rotterdam – Book launches of the first edition; Jury member for Parklet Challenge ZOHO (Rotterdam’s first parklet); City at Eye Level workshop: Bikes Belong, USA; The City at Eye Level lecture for Pratt University, New York

  • Stockholm – Walkable City Strategy workshops for City of Stockholm, Sweden.