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Background information

In October 2017 over 400 practitioners from 46 countries gathered in Amsterdam during Placemaking Week Amsterdam. A conference with a dynamic set of sessions and workshops, where attendees will develop and share concrete strategies for advancing placemaking locally and globally. One of the reasons Amsterdam was chosen for this conference is the strong Dutch tradition in creating a good public space.

For the international network we put together some of the most recent examples the Netherlands has to offer on creating better cities at eye level. Close to 40 stories from academics, cities, developers, zealous nuts and others, give you an overview on how Dutch parties work on creating better cities. The story of Mienskip in Leeuwarden, the Flying Grass Carpet, the way cultural parties around the Schouwburgplein in
Rotterdam work on creating a cultural city square, models for value creation and management and many examples varying from childfriendly the Hague to following the footsteps of the king and queen in Tilburg.

Stories from the people who work hard to make a difference in the projects themselves, and people who show the relevance in the academic and policy context.
The book is published in English (October 2017) and Dutch (November 2017).