Hanshkars Karssenberg is a founding partner of Stipo, team for urban strategy and development. He advises cities, housing providers, developers and NGOs in the Netherlands and internationally. Hans works on complex urban (re)development, placemaking and co-creation processes and was the project manager for the Rotterdam Plinth Strategy.

jlavenJeroen Laven is a partner at Stipo. He was the project manager for the three plinth pilots Stipo worked on in Rotterdam and the public developer of ZOHO Rotterdam. He is an urban planner, working on diverse projects in the Netherlands and abroad. In addition he is a board member of Inspiring Cities and the Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam.

mglaserMeredith Glaser is originally from California, and joined Stipo in 2011. She leads the company’s international projects that focus on innovative economic development and revitalization initiatives, temporary use, vacancy, bottom-up initiatives, and user-based urbanism. She specializes in bicycle-friendly cities.


Mattijs van ‘t Hoff is an urbanist, graduated at the Delft University of Technology. He has worked for the planning and development department of the municipality of Rotterdam on various projects in urban design and neighborhood transformation. He joined Stipo in 2011 as an urban planner. In addition he has been a guest lecturer on the topic of urbanism.

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