The City at Eye Level Film contributes to the book and contains 4 chapters about how a good plinth “works” for a better street at eye level. Both the book and the film contain concrete and inspiring examples of strategies for design, land use/programme, placemaking, the relation to the street, pedestrian flows, co-creation, and the collaboration of partners.

The plinths of the city are the ground floors that negotiate between the inside and the outside, between the public and the private: this is the city at eye level. Plinths are extremely important for the urban experience, which in turn is an important driver for the urban economy. The plinths might cover only 10% of the building, but determine 90% of the experience.

The City at Eye Level Film

The chapters:
1: The experience of the pedestrian

2. Good and bad plinths, criteria

3. Living on the ground floor, the plinth game

4. Case study: Zoho Rotterdam


The City at Eye Level lecture

Here Hans Karssenberg delivers a lecture about The City at Eye Level:

The Power of a bench on the stoop

Benches on the stoop are strong community builders. Yet, looking at most stoops nothing really happens on them. They’re merely for safe walking. But see what happens if you put out a bench and eat lunch on it.


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