The City at Eye Level is an open source platform. We share our inspiration and insights internationally. We are part of a global network improving public space and putting the importance of good streets, plazas, parks, markets and streets as social places on the local, national and international agenda.

To help people across the world to improve their public spaces, we collect knowledge and best practices and exchange them free to download. We invite people with new insights to contribute: with new chapters, new posts on our social media, and in masterclasses, projects, programs and conferences. We do did for a global network for The City at Eye Level community and for a European network for The European Placemaking Netwerk

To stay tuned of the latest, to exchange with others and to contribute yourself, join one of our networks:

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More information about the possibilities, send a mail to Siënna Veelders for The City at Eye Level community and Jeroen Laven for the European Placemaking Network.