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The City at Eye Level for Kids


The City at Eye Level

Public space quality is the backbone of a sustainable city. Great streets, places where you intuitively want to stay longer, human scale interaction between buildings and streets, ownership by users, placemaking and good plinths (active ground floors) and a people-centred approach based on the user’s experience – that is what The City at Eye Level is all about.

The book

We help cities develop these places, in collaborative networks throughout the world. In partnership with co-authors in our network, we have collected articles and cases about the street at eye level, with topics such as the history of the plinth, street-level experience as a cyclist, the rise of cities hit hard by the recession, the strength of markets and many international examples of successful and progressive projects. But in both editions of The City at Eye Level, there are only articles written about the experience of adults in the street and in a place, seen from an adult perspective.

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Coming January first: the start of the European Placemaking Network

Via our networks The City at Eye Level, Re:Kreators, New Europe, the Placemaking Leadership Council and others, for many years we have been working with practitioners all over the world creating better cities and great places.

How people connect to a place is fundamental for human scale, for interaction, for innovation, for a healthy and joyful life, and for a sustainable living environment. Placemaking is fun. Placemaking is fundamental. Placemaking is quicker, lighter, cheaper – placemaking is a shared investment for the long term.

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The City at Eye Level Spring Training

April 16th – 18th, 2018

Join us this spring and learn about improving cities and creating great streets and places for people. Discover placemaking and placemanagement, bike-friendly cities, tactical urbanism and how to implement a long term strategy. Become a member of The City at Eye Level community and expand your network with an international and interdisciplinary group of professionals.

Buy a ticket now!

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The City at Eye Level in The Netherlands 

Out now, our new version of the City at Eye Level series. The City at Eye Level is not only a book, but also an open-source learning network and a programme for improving cities, streets and places all over the world. Order the City at Eye Level in The Netherlands on Shopify.

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“Placemaking for peacemaking in Beirut”

An interview with Rony Al Jalkh, a placemaking activist and practitioner in Beirut. In the diverse Lebanon capital, Beirut, he is joining efforts to promote and establish peacemaking through bringing people together for placemaking. In cooperation with the American University of Beirut, a project within the student’s course,  brought together students, instructors, municipality leaders, civil society organizations and members from the private sector in order to raise awareness, mobilize community, and increase public space provision for peacemaking.  

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Placemaking Week 2017 is coming to Amsterdam!

Schermafbeelding 2017-09-19 om 09.32.56We are proud to announce the coming Placemaking Week 2017, which will take place this Fall in Amsterdam on October 10-14, 2017Building upon the momentum of last year’s successful event in Vancouver, Project for Public Spaces, in partnership with STIPOThe City at Eye LevelPlacemaking Plus and Pakhuis de Zwijger will host the placemaking event in Amsterdam!