We are proud to launch the second, strongly extended edition of The City at Eye Level.

The first edition appeared in 2013, was written with a community of 40 contributors and was aimed at the topic of active ground floors (plinths) in Europe and North-America. This second book has 90 contributors, has best practices of ALL continents and offers a broader view on placemaking and the entire street level experience. We have new, previously missing topics, such as the urban soundscape and wayfinding. Just as in the first edition, we draw the integrated conclusions for the approach at the end of the book. This time, we go more deeply into how the insights can be used for concrete action in practice.


Partners and Contributors

We want to thank our new partners: UN Habitat, Future of Places, Project for Public Spaces (PPS.org), Gehl Architects, FAU PUCRS University of Porto Alegre in Brazil and Copenhagenize.

And of course, our 90+ contributors with whom we share our passion for great public spaces in great cities:

Elijah Agevi, Mishkat Ahmed-Raja, Cecilia Andersson, Hans Appelboom, Emiel Arends, Frank van Beek, Frank Belderbos, Rogier van den Berg, Emily Berwin, Willemijn de Boer, Nick Broad, Jose Chong, Alessandra Cianchetta, Mikael Colville-Andersen, Ciaran Cuffe, Richard Dobson, Vivian Doumpa, René Dutrieux, Paul Elleswijk, Gabor Everraert, Jos Gadet, Jan Gehl, Adriaan Geuze, Meredith Glaser, Arjan Gooijer, Peter Groenendaal, Sander van der Ham, Paolo Horn Regal, Samar Héchaimé, Jeniffer Heemann, Mattijs van ’t Hoff, David Jackson, Nel de Jager, Jeroen Jansen, Max Jeleniewski, Lotte Johansen Kaefer, Birgit Jürgenhake, Fred Kent, Hans Karssenberg, Berry Kessels, Joep Klabbers, Martin Knuijt, Lars Korn, Willem van Laar, Tine van Langelaar, Jeroen Laven, Willie Macrae, Kathy Madden, Camilla Meijer, Blaine Merker, Norman Mintz, Eri Mitsostergiou, Thaddeus Muller, Tanja Nagelsmeier, Peter Nieland, Renee Nycolaas, Kris Opbroek, Henk Ovink, Gerard Peet, Francisco Pailliè Pérez, Laura Petrella, Elisabeth Peyroux, Levente Polyák, Stefanie Raab, Tasmi Quazi, Solvejg Reigstad, Anna Robinson, Marlies Rohmer, Ben Ruse, Petra Rutten, Wies Sanders, Ton Schaap, Lai Shouhua, David Sim, Filip Smits, Stefan van der Spek, Alexander Stahle, Birgitte Svarre, Jan van Teeffelen, Marat Troina, Wouter Tooren, Eric van Ulden, Gert Jan te Velde, Mark van de Velde, Klaas Waarheid, Robin von Weiler, Kees Went, Jouke van der Werf, Tony Wijntuin, John Worthington, Xu Yunfei, Arin van Zee and Kim Zweerink.

2014-10-09 12.46.25 CatEL Budapest terras great street


Please share the book as much as you can; that is why we publish it open source. We hope to positively influence as many cities as we can. So post it on your platforms and in your communities.

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