Museumplein Amsterdam, design, management and placemaking
08 park frankendael
Park Frankendael, Amsterdam

Ongoing Public Space, Area and Community Projects

  • 2014-2016 Future of Places, with UN Habitat, Ax:son Jonson Foundation, and many other partners: putting public space high on the Urban Agenda in the 2016 Quito Habitat III Declaration; with conferences in Buenos Aires, Stockholm and Barcelona
  • 2015-now Nieuwegein – Club Rhijnhuizen; placemaking and place management strategy for several years, transforming 10 spaces into places and creating 1,000 activities in Rijnhuizen with the community of residents, tenants, owners, developers and other experts.
  • 2013-2016 ZOHO Rotterdam: slow urbanism, filling up vacant buildings and plinths, placemaking, innovation district
  • 2015-2016 re:Kreators Association, European network for public developers and placemakers
  • 2015-2016 Organic Transformation, placemaking and plinth strategies: Beukenhorst West Hoofddorp
  • 2015-2016 Organic Transformation, placemaking and plinth strategies: Rijnhuizen Nieuwegein
  • 2016 – Almere Inner City Strategy, The City at Eye Level and Placemaking as a fundament for this New Town
  • 2014 – now Schouwburgplein Rotterdam: place management with cultural stakeholders.

Work with us

With our partners and local communities, we work on:

Longer term development strategies

  • Project management for parks, plazas and places
  • Transformation of existing areas, public developer role, placemaking
  • Setting up area management, place management, street management
  • Inner City Area Strategy, shopping districts
  • City-wide strategy in co-creation.

Projects and interventions

  • Quicker Lighter Cheaper interventions in public space (tactical urbanism)
  • Street / place / plinth analysis
  • Vacant plinth strategy and action, innovation districts, makers movement
  • Setting up guidelines for newly built areas.

Training & events

  • Masterclasses on City at Eye Level, Placemaking, Bike-Friendly Cities
  • Tools Learning Workshops
  • Co-creation and Community Development
  • Lectures


  • Place Games
  • Eye Level Games
  • Jane’s Walks

Previous Highlights

  • 2016 Haarlem – Placegame with the community of Schalkwijk Haarlem, with BFAS Architecture Urban Design and Placemaking Plus
  • 2015 Placemaking for Praca Francisco Alves, Porto Alegre, Brazil
  • 2014-2015 Child-Friendly City The Hague workshops in co-creation with city experts
  • 2014-2016 Organic Transformation, placemaking and plinth strategies: Rijnhaven Oost Alphen aan den Rijn
  • 2013-2014 Walkable City Strategy workshops for City of Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2008-2011 and 2013-2014 New Museumplein Amsterdam: design, management and placemaking; Placegame with Project for Public Spaces (Fred Kent and Kathy Madden), Stipo and Urban Space Agency
  • 2011 Advice on the Transformation of Klarendal, Arnhem with fashion in vacant plinths, creating a fashion district
  • 2009-2011 Plinth Strategy Rotterdam for the entire inner city area as part of the City Lounge Program with the City of Rotterdam and partners; Street Management pilots in Rotterdam inner city
  • 2005-2008 New plaza: Stadionplein and Olympic Area Amsterdam, The Netherlands; project management, placemaking and place management coalition, adding a new square, culture, retail and 1,000 new houses
  • 1995-1997 New park: Park Frankendael, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; project management, co-creation, design, new investors

Learn more?

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