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In early 2012, STIPO started the project that would become The City at Eye Level. We sought collective answers to the question: How can we create a user-friendly ground-level that is flexible for years to come, adaptive for multiple uses, pleasing to the eye, with short term action for long term change? The project rapidly developed into an open-source project with more than 80 contributing co-authors worldwide with new editions like A Cidade ao Nivel dos Olhos for the Brazilian market, The City at Eye Level in The Netherlands for the Amsterdam global Placemaking Week and The City at Eye Level for Kids for global market working with cities and children. Next step: The City at Eye Level Asia!

The City at Eye Level Asia publication is an open-source project and book, a response to the increasing demand from Asian urban practitioners for case studies on creating great cities at eye level, suitable to their local context. For the City at Eye Level we turn streets and areas into places where people feel at home and want to stay (placemaking), enhance the quality of public space and active ground floors, together with the community. Our method combines use, design and organisation (software, hardware and orgware). Because of the unprecedented growth in the recent decade in Asian cities, there is more need than ever for clever and creative planning solutions and better design principles. The book will adopt urban challenges particular to the Asian context, which impact the preconditions for achieving a better city at eye level who translate to a themes framework of the book. The book is a co-production and composed by a collaborative of STIPO, Urban Discovery (Hong Kong & Bangkok) and Think City (Malaysia), with international organisations like UN-Habitat, Isocarp, SEANNET, Project for Public Spaces, PlacemakingX and Bernard van Leer Foundation as network partners. We are very proud to now present the booklet before you, with special thanks to over 90+ contributors from 17 Asian countries and funding provided by Think City and Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie (Internationalization Grant) to make this happen.

Special edition

This booklet is a special edition for the Placemaker Week ASEAN and City at Eye Level Asia network launch. The booklet is a sneak peek of the City at Eye Level Asia publication, to be launched in April 2020 in Kuala Lumpur. In this document, we will first introduce the basics of the City at Eye Level, and we showcase our best Asian cases so far to give you an impression of what is to come. With this booklet, we reach out to Asian urban practitioners as potential collaborations and network members. We are very happy to be able to create this new edition on great cities, places and streets in Asian cities with you, so please get in touch with us via email!

Help grow the network and the collection of great Asian case studies. We still look for:

  • Highrise developments with great attention for the human scale and connection to the street!
  • City-wide strategies on human scale development
  • Examples of great private development for public space (and with) the community
  • New town developments
  • Case studies from Laos, Cambodia, Brunei and Borneo


During Placemaker Week ASEAN in November 2019 at the Chin Woo Stadium, we brought together partners from approximately 13 Asian and non-Asian countries to hear inspiring case studies, exchange innovative best practices, and forge uplifting new connections with fellow placemakers. During this conference we have not only created a sense of ownership among the network members, collectively answered the 4 W’s (Why, What, Who, When) with the network, but also launch the Placemaker Asia Facebook Group. Together we work towards the publication of great Asian cases of placemaking: “The City at Eye Level Asia”, to be launched in April 2020 in Kuala Lumpur.

For this momentum, we have created a City at Eye Level mini-booklet. The booklet is a sneak peek of the City at Eye Level Asia publication. In this document, we will first introduce the basics of the City at Eye Level, and we showcase our best Asian cases so far to give you an impression of what is to come.

Quick and download the booklet, a sneak peek of the final publication. In this booklet you can see our introductory article on The City at Eye Level in an Asian context and the five cases:

  • The Revitalisation of Sam Chuk Market by Chawanad Lansing
  • Experimental Community Design Studio for Hong Kong by Benjamin Sin (Magic Lanes Design Studio) and Stephanie Cheung (Urban Discovery)
  • Murals To Save The Soul Of A Colombo Neighbourhood. An interview with Firi Rahman (#WeAreFromHere), by Ester van Steekelenburg (Urban Discovery)
  • #SingForYourParks: Building Hope through Choir Singing by Tina Nandi (LYP Mumbai)
  • Yangon’s Alley Garden Project by Emilie Roell (Doh Eain)


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