In 2016 we hosted our first City at Eye Level training in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. With topics like:

  • Placemaking: turn public spaces into great places where people want to be
  • The City at Eye Level: creating streets and places for people
  • Adopting a community-based approach: involve and activate ownership
  • Tactical Urbanism: lighter-quicker-cheaper actions to start change now
  • Develop visions and criteria for newly built areas or for transforming existing areas
  • Place and street management: building coalitions as a long-term sustainable strategy
  • Mobility and movement: bicycle-friendly cities, infrastructure, culture, and design

In collaboration with Meredith Glaser (M.A.G. Planning) and with guest speakers Robin von Weiler (VON WEILER INVESTMENTS) and Gert Jan te Velde (Vanschagen Architecten).