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January, 27 – 28

Winteraction, Rotterdam, Berlin & Vancouver

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It’s winter! It’s time for interaction!

Winteraction is a worldwide participatory event that will be taking place in the regions that are currently in winter season in effort to collectively combat social isolation through activations that facilitate interaction. Winteraction is a seasonal celebration of connection and play.

As people tend to keep their eyes to the ground and head straight to their destination to survive the streets in winter, there’s not much opportunity to interact with our fellow city dwellers while moving through public space. Let this be an invitation to change up our behaviour according to our shared seasonal needs. Greet people you cross in the streets, share a thermos with tea with some neighbours on the street corner or to host a winter bonfire in a nearby park.

Winteraction can be seen as a tool to achieve greater awareness for the state of our urban public life, in reaction to the rising number of people affected by seasonal sadness and social isolation. The urban environment could be considered a tough living environment, especially in winter. Since this is an international issue that was shared and acknowledged by the initiators behind winteraction, the idea is to connect local impact to a global conversation in a celebratory way. When we all share our efforts on the same day, we will give rise to a wave of interaction, that will travel around the Northern Hemisphere on the 27th of January, 2018.

This is how YOU can participate:

  • share ideas about ways to facilitate interaction
  • prepare your personal / communal activation
  • share the call to action in your community (see Notes)
  • let us know where you’ll be hosting winteraction (list below)
  • share photos and videos on the day of winteraction

We’re thrilled to interact with you on this topic, so feel free to reach out for support and share your stories, photos and videos by using #winteraction and #timeforwinteraction.

Olga Sowa

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