City at Eye Level Spring Training 2019

In the spring of 2019 we will host our fourth City at Eye Level Spring Training in Rotterdam! For more information and details see our brochure.
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Place Game Museumplein 2014

Placegame with Project for Public Spaces (Fred Kent and Kathy Madden), Stipo and Urban Space Agency; Plinthgames: De Pijp and Zuidas; Placegame with on Plein 40/45 in Amsterdam Nieuw West

Place Game Russischebuurt, Zaandam 2016

The City at Eye Level Summer TRAINING 2016

In 2016 we hosted our first City at Eye Level training in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. With topics like: Placemaking, The City at Eye Level, Adopting a community-based approach, Tactical Urbanism, Newly Built Areas, Place and street management & Mobility and movement. In collaboration with Meredith Glaser (M.A.G. Planning) and with guest speakers Robin von Weiler (VON WEILER INVESTMENTS) and Gert Jan te Velde (Vanschagen Architecten).

The City at Eye Level SPRING TRAINING 2017

In 2017 we hosted our second City at Eye Level training in Rotterdam. With a great mix of participants from not only the Netherlands, but from South Africa, Australia, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Italy, Sweden and Greece, true city makers, interesting guest lectures, wonderful weather and overall, lots of fun! With guest speaker Simona Serafino from Bureau B+B about shared space and spacial identity. Download the program here


Winteraction is a worldwide participatory event that will be taking place in the regions that are currently in winter season in effort to collectively combat social isolation through activations that facilitate interaction.

City at Eye Level SPRING TRAINING 2018

In the spring of 2018 we hosted our third City at Eye Level Spring Training in Rotterdam! We had people with 11 different nationalities, coming all the way from Europe, America and even all the way from Egypt! New topic on the agenda this year: gentrification and inclusiveness by Juliet Kahne from Project for Public Spaces, seasonal placemaking, in collaboration with Jorn Wemmenhove & Lior Steinberg (Human Kind) and VR at Eye Level by Stefan Bodecker (Placemaking Plus & BFAS).  

The City At Eye Level in an Asian Context

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