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Apart from our annual three daily City at Eye Level Spring Training in Rotterdam we can organise trainings on City at Eye Level, Placemaking, Inclusive Cities and many more subjects.

We can organise different size trainings:

  • S: 3 hour City at Eye Level/Placemaking training and place/eye level game on site
  • M: 1 day training
  • L: 2 day training
  • XL: 3 day training



Heritage professional & advisor at STIPO
Siënna Veelders is an heritage professional, graduated at the Reinwardt Academy, Amsterdam. She is specialised in heritage and placemaking. With a love for Asian she worked in Hong Kong & Myanmar and joined STIPO, beginning as an intern, in 2016. She hosts The City at Eye Level Masterclasses and trainings, launching the The City at Eye Level Asia network and co-curated “The City at Eye Level in the Netherlands”

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