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a Place or Eye Level Game workshop

Want to work on public space or human scale in your city but don’t know how?

Invite us to organise a

  • Place Game, a tool for analysing the performance of a place and initiating a placemaking process
  • Eye Level Game, a tool for a tool for analysing the performance of streets, buildings and plinths and initiating the development for a better human scale.


The last years we have hosted many Place-, Eye Level games, Jane’s Walks and Time Machine workshops. To give you an hint, we’ve hosted games, walks and workshops from 2011 in cities and towns the Netherlands such as Amsterdam (The Pijp, Zuidas, Museumplein and Plein 40/45), Rotterdam (ZOHO, Oostplein, Schouwburgplein), The Hague, Delft, Hengelo, international cities like New York, Porto Alegre, Rome, Stockholm, Warschau, Copenhagen, Prague, Taiwan, Kuala Lumpur and during events like the Placemaking Week in Amsterdam and the Budapest Design Week.

A selection of clients over the past years

  • The Nederlands: The City of Amsterdam, The City of Rotterdam, The City of The Hague, The City of Utrecht, municipality of Doetinchem, The City of Groningen, Reinwardt Academie, Haagse Hogeschool and TU Delft.
  • Internationally: Center of Future of Places, KTH University, The City of Stockholm, The Dutch Embassy in Hungary, Think City, The City of Antwerp, Roma University, Technische Universität Darmstadt and Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul.

For more info on previous and upcoming training, check out our page with an overview of our workshops.

Partner at STIPO
Hans Karssenberg is founding partner of STIPO. With many other partners, he has helped to build the international programmes The City at Eye Level, Placemaking Europe and Placemakers Asia. Key words are human scale area development, community building, co-creating streets and places for people, place management and place-led development, and connecting top-down long term strategies with short term bottom-up initiatives. Hans works as strategic advisor, senior project manager, public developer, placemaker, trainer and lecturer. He works with and for governments, private sector as well as civic initiatives and international networks.
Partner at STIPO
Minouche Besters is partner and urbanist at STIPO. She is a strategic advisor to municipalities on inner city transformation, participatory design processes and urban transitions, like the current energy transition. Minouche co-curating the new Cities for All / Everybody feels at Home publication.

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Urban sociologist & advisor at STIPO
Charlot Schans is an urban sociologist and anthropologist by training. She is fascinated by processes that enhance collaborative city-making, cross-cutting barriers between disciplinary silos and public and private domains. As advisor at STIPO she translates this vision into long term projects in the field of area and real estate development, placemaking and urban regeneration, co-creating better cities and places with innovative partners and professional friends. Charlot is co-director of Placemaking Europe, project leader for Placemaking Week Europe, co-editor of The City at Eye Level Asia and start-up team member for PlacemakingX, the global network to accelerate the impact of placemaking.

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