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Every year we organise Metropolitan Field Trips with local partners. We organise the program, pr & communications, logistics like plane tickets, accommodations and local transport.

Previous Trips

Since 2014 we’ve been to:

  • Budapest
  • Copenhagen
  • Athens
  • Zurich
  • Bussels
  • Stockholm
  • Beirut.


Urban sociologist & advisor at STIPO
Charlot Schans is an urban sociologist and advisor at STIPO, committed to improving cities and places by means of effective co-creation between a variety of stakeholders. She is fascinated by processes of collaborative city-making for sustainable change, and convinced these result in the most engaging, flourishing and equitable urban environments around the globe.
Partner at STIPO
Minouche Besters is partner and urbanist at STIPO. She is a strategic advisor to municipalities on inner city transformation, participatory design processes and urban transitions, like the current energy transition. Minouche co-curating the new Cities for All / Everybody feels at Home publication.

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Partner at STIPO
Hans Karssenberg is founding partner at STIPO public developer, placemaker and trainer. He helped to compose the City at Eye Level books, speaks at conferences, gives trainings and works on area development projects and placemaking.

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