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Jane's Walk: organise a Citizen-led Walk to engage Locals in creating better Neighbourhoods

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“Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.” Jacobs (1961)

Jane’s Walk is a global movement of free, citizen-led walking conversations that encourage residents to share stories and hidden aspects of their neighbourhoods as a way to connect with their neighbours and foster social inclusion. Everyone’s story is seen as valuable. 

A Community-based Approach to City Building

Local Walk Leaders also encourage the participants to observe and re-imagine their cities. Walks are as diverse as the participants, which results in a wide variety of topics such as urban renewal, homelessness, privacy and housing policies. Since 2014 more than 2 000 people have taken part in 80 Viennese walks.

In Vienna, we also encourage not only residents but also experts and activists to become Walk Leaders. We collaborate with civic groups and NGOs to enable them to use walks as a platform to promote their causes and invite politicians, urban planners and other decision-makers to join.  

In addition to improving relations between neighbours, Jane’s Walk encourages people to build sustainable connections and initiate a dialogue with decision-makers, the media or the public after the walk.

Jane’s Walk in your City

Jane’s Walks are organized and led by volunteers around the world. Anyone can lead or join a walk and it’s easy to start Jane’s Walk in your city: Visit to join Jane’s Walk in your city or to kick-start a Jane’s Walk movement yourself using the resources and inspiration available from the global, self-organised community of City Organisers.

Learn about Jane’s Walk in Vienna at and connect with City Organiser Andreas Lindinger: (email) or @lindinger (Twitter, LinkedIn). Become a City Organiser at and join the Facebook Group for City Organisers at


  • Jacobs, J. (1961). The Death and Life of Great American Cities. New York: Random House.


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