The 3 domains of good plinths are software, hardware, and orgware. We believe that in this urban age, we need to better plan for the ground level – the plinths – in our cities.

We welcome you to take action in your own city–either DIY style or with us on board. The book is yours, you can download it, present it to your colleagues, organize an event.

We can also help you — through workshops, our plinth game, an entire city plinth strategy, implementation, or just over-the-shoulder guidance.


Good plinths don’t seem to come naturally; good plinths require a smart strategy supported by a determined set of partners—from owners, planners, developers, and users. We can bring together the interests and ideas of the partners to identify what makes the street special, the vision, and key steps to get there. Our common goal: create streets and plinths that work.

In our plinth game, we use in-depth international case studies, local role models, best/worst practices, and small group exercises to equip participants with knowledge and inspiration for the following day’s interactive analysis of a chosen street. At the end of the sessions, together we will produce action plans for the streets and plinths. We will find the leaders who will take the next step.

With our experience and your local know-how, we can work towards communal transformation—a catalyst for thriving, livable streets and plinths.

Contact us for more information about working together.


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